Wound Management

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With the improvement of living standards, the elderly population is growing. Data from the world census bureau predict almost a doubling of the population older than 65 years within the next 20 years in the western world (U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base). Burn injury often occurs in the elderly, who experience declines in physical function. Feel and cognitive function decrease, and the skin becomes thin. The function of Heart, lung, and kidneys may be impaired, and immunity is lowered. Thus, burns in the elderly are often associated with slow healing and a high mortality rate. At present, there are two main approaches for treating burn wounds in the elderly: the conservative approach and the early surgical approach. The debate over the “best” method of wound care in the elderly with burns has been ongoing for decades. Thus, studies are needed to help clarify which type of approach is the safest and most effective after burns in the elderly.
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