American Clinical MEG Society (ACMEGS) Position Statement #2: The Value of Magnetoencephalography (MEG)/Magnetic Source Imaging (MSI) in Noninvasive Presurgical Mapping of Eloquent Cortices of Patients Preparing for Surgical Interventions

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The American Clinical Magnetoencephalography Society (ACMEGS) is a professional society of physicians and other professionals with doctoral degrees involved in all aspects of magnetoencephalography (MEG), including simultaneously collected EEG and coregistration of localization results to MRI.1 The ACMEGS is primarily focused on advancing clinical applications of MEG, while representing all American MEG centers and individual professionals concerned with clinical MEG. To this extent, the ACMEGS published its first Position Statement in 20092: “The Value of Magnetoencephalography (MEG)/Magnetic Source Imaging (MSI) in Noninvasive Presurgical Evaluation of Patients With Medically Intractable Localization-related Epilepsy.” This document has been referenced in more than a dozen positive coverage policies of private insurers in the United States of America such as AETNA,3 blue cross of Idaho,4 blue cross blue shield of Alabama5 and Illinois,6 blue shield of California,7 Cigna Medical Coverage Policy,8 Healthnet National Policy9; Oxford Health Plan,10 Highmark Medical Policy,11 Independence,12 United Healthcare,13 and more can be found here ( The document has been also referenced in more than 10 peer-reviewed publications.
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