Functional Reconstruction of Nonsegmental Mandibular Defect With Fresh Frozen Bone Graft and Delayed Implants Placement

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The loss of teeth and the alveolar bone secondary to resection of mandibular tumors may lead to unfavorable esthetic and functional results with a significant impairment of mastication.

The authors report a 53-year-old patient with recurrence of ameloblastoma who was submitted to marginal mandibulectomy. Bone defect was immediately reconstructed using fresh frozen bone graft and 9 months after reconstruction 3 dental implants were inserted in the grafted bone. After 6 months, dental rehabilitation was achieved using a fixed implant-supported prosthesis.

The purpose of this clinical report was to show the use of fresh frozen bone graft in the recostruction of mandibular nonsegmental defects.

The clinical outcome of bone grafts and dental implants is analyzed retrospectively.

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