Massive Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy Causing Protein-losing Enteropathy in Gaucher Disease: Retracted

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Protein-losing enteropathy due to massive mesenteric lymphadenopathy is a rare complication of Gaucher disease which is generally refractory to treatment with enzyme replacement and substrate reduction therapies. It is postulated that lymph nodes may act as a “sanctuary site” into which these treatments cannot penetrate. We present the case of a male child with Gaucher disease who developed massive mesenteric lymph nodes despite otherwise successful treatment with enzyme replacement therapy, and subsequently developed protein-losing enteropathy. The sonographic and magnetic resonance appearances of this complication are shown. Large volume lymphadenopathy inevitably provokes concern about the possibility of malignancy, but in a patient with Gaucher disease—particularly with significant ascites and clinical features of protein-losing enteropathy—this rare complication should be considered.

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