Rapid analysis of drug dissolution by paper spray ionization mass spectrometry

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With a great quantity of solid dosage tested by dissolution technology, developing a rapid and sensitive method to access the content of drug within dissolution media is highly desired by analysts and scientists. Traditionally, dissolution media is not compatible with mass spectrometry since the inorganic salts in the media might damage the mass spectrometer. Here, paper spray ionization mass spectrometry (PSI-MS), one of the ambient mass spectrometry technologies, is developed to characterize the content of drugs in dissolution media. The porous structure of paper can effectively retain salts from entering mass spectrometer. This makes the measurement of drug content within dissolution media by mass spectrometer possible. After the experimental parameters were optimized, calibration curves of model drugs − enalapril, quinapril and benazepril were established by using corresponding deuterated internal standards. PSI-MS was then deployed to characterize the content of enalapril from the dissolution testing of enalapril tablets. The results from PSI-MS are comparable to those from HPLC characterization. More importantly, the analysis time of 6 samples is shortened from 90 min to 6 min. Detection limit of enalapril maleate tablets by PSI-MS is 1/300 of LC. PSI-MS is rapid, sensitive and accurate in analyzing drug content from dissolution tests.

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