An Innovative Approach: Using Simulation to Teach Primary Care Gynecologic Procedures

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In response to the growing body of evidence that simulation is a satisfactory way to instruct procedural skills, we developed an innovative model to teach common gynecologic procedures such as cervical cancer screening, cervical polyp removal, intrauterine device removal, and endometrial biopsy. The objectives of this study were to describe the construction of the model and to assess participants' satisfaction and confidence in applying the learning objectives to their clinical practice.


The researchers created the model with reusable and readily available materials. During a hands-on skills workshop, practicing clinicians performed simulated cervical cancer screening, endocervical polyp removal, intrauterine device removal, and an endometrial biopsy on a low-fidelity gynecologic model. Using convenience sampling, each participant completed a survey designed to measure satisfaction with the workshop and self-confidence in their newly acquired skills.


All (N = 30,100%) of the participants agreed at the “agree” or “strongly agree” level that the gynecologic skills workshop using lecture and a hands-on model was a satisfying and self-confidence–building experience.


An easily reproducible and reusable gynecologic procedure simulator was highly rated as a means of teaching common primary care gynecologic procedures. The simulated model provided an opportunity for hands-on skills learning for clinicians who wish to expand their gynecologic procedure skill set.

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