Trial Vocal Fold Injection Predicts Thyroplasty Outcomes in Nonparalytic Glottic Incompetence

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Trial vocal fold injection (TVFI) may be used prior to permanent medialization when voice outcome is uncertain. We aimed to determine whether voice outcomes of TVFI are predictive of, or correlate with outcomes after type I Gore-Tex medialization thyroplasty (GMT) in patients with nonparalytic glottic incompetence (GI).


Thirty-five patients with nonparalytic GI who underwent TVFI followed by GMT were retrospectively reviewed. Change in voice-related quality of life (VRQOL) after TVFI was compared to change in VRQOL 3 to 9 months after GMT. Similar comparisons were made for change in glottal function index (GFI) and change in grade, roughness, breathiness, asthenia, and strain (GRBAS). Sample correlation coefficients were calculated.


Change in VRQOL after TVFI showed good correlation with change in VRQOL after GMT, r = 0.55. Change in GFI after TVFI showed strong correlation with change in GFI after GMT, r = 0.74. Change in GRBAS after TVFI showed excellent correlation with change in GRBAS after GMT, r = 0.90.


The TVFI is a useful tool in nonparalytic GI when outcomes from glottic closure procedures are not clear. Voice outcome measures after TVFI strongly correlate with outcomes from GMT. These data may be used to more confidently counsel patients regarding their predicted outcomes of permanent medialization.

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