Evolving healthcare delivery paradigms and the optimization of ‘value’ in anesthesiology

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Purpose of review

Healthcare worldwide is evolving to yield enhanced care provided at a lowered cost. Patient-centric paradigms that hasten surgical recovery and strengthen collaboration amongst medical professionals are gaining impetus. This review will discuss the changing healthcare landscape and outline its implications on anesthesiology practice.

Recent findings

Anesthesiologists must be nimble and versatile as they adapt to healthcare redesign. An increased responsibility for patient outcomes should be embraced by extending the breadth and depth of clinical practice throughout the surgical care continuum. The perioperative surgical home and enhanced recovery after surgery provide paradigms to further integrate expanding clinical opportunities and improved patient outcomes. Investment is needed in perioperative medical education and research efforts to best position anesthesiologists for success both now and in the future.


Exemplifying opportunities to demonstrate value-added care, the scope of anesthesiology education and clinical practice should diversify to further integrate perioperative care of surgical patients.

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