Step-by-step Laparoscopic Vesiculectomy for Hemospermia.

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A 61 year-old man presented with 1 year of hemospermia. He was treated empirically with a fluoroquinolone plus a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory without resolution of symptoms. Ultrasonography and MRI showed a solid-cystic mass in the right seminal vesicle. The patient was submitted to a laparoscopic unilateral vesiculectomy. Histopathological analysis showed intraluminal dilatation with blood content. During follow-up, complete resolution of symptoms was seen.


Three patients composed our cohort. Mean age was 53 years-old (range 45-61 years), the right side was more commonly affected (two unilateral on the right and bilateral). Mean operative time was 55 minutes (range 40-120min). One patient presented amyloidosis in the histopathological analysis. All cases presented complete resolution of symptoms.


Laparoscopic vesiculectomy is a safe and feasible approach in cases of hemospermia. This technique showed good outcomes and minimal morbidity.

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