Facilitating and inhibiting factors in transition to parenthood – ways in which health professionals can support parents

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Important issues associated with transition to parenthood are children's health and psychosocial development and ways to support parents in their parental role and build on their skills and power 1. In recent decades, the parental role has become more demanding due to decreased hospital stay duration after childbirth and inadequate structured support for women after childbirth 2. Here, breastfeeding and physical and emotional problems are common 3. Early maternity‐ and child‐health‐services support in the transition to parenthood helps parents gain confidence and knowledge about their new role 6. Parent‐education groups constitute one such intervention offered to expectant and new parents in most Western countries. The intervention's goal is to disseminate knowledge about parenting and child development, prepare parents for childbirth and parenthood and develop social networks 9.
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