Speculum Lubrication

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In Reply:
The present publication on “speculum lubrication” is very interesting.1 Baker et al.1 noted that “water-based gel lubrication decreased discomfort for women undergoing a plastic speculum examination in all populations studied.” The result in this study is concordant with previous similar reports that the use of lubricant gel can “significantly decreased pain” during examination.2 However, there are still many points that should be further investigated. First, there has never been any study on the amount of lubricant. The different amount of lubricant might have some effects. Second, some kind of lubricants might affect the quality of collected vaginal cell for Pap smear test.3 Third, the perception for “pain” or “comfort” is a subjective data. It can be varied because of many factors (such as setting environment preparation, additional nursing care service, etc). According to the report by Uygur et al.,4 “lubrication of the speculum with K-Y Jelly does not cause a meaningful effect with respect to perceived pain.
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