Characteristics and risk profile of psoriasis patients included in the Czech national registry BIOREP and a comparison with other registries.

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BIOREP is a Czech registry of psoriatic patients on biological treatment in a clinical setting. We describe the characteristics of patients with psoriasis at the time of enrollment and present comparisons with published data from other national registries.


We analyzed the cohort of patients treated with biologics between May 2005 and May 2015. Demographic data, previous therapies, comorbidities, and severity of psoriasis were compared with data from other registries - DERMBIO, BIOBADADERM, BADBIR, and PSOBEST.


A total of 1412 psoriatic patients initiating biological treatment were included with a predominance of males (63.4%). The mean patient age was 50.2 years, and approximately 70.5% of patients were either overweight or obese. The mean baseline Psoriasis Area and Severity Index was 19.8, and the Dermatology Life Quality Index was 16.6. More than one-third of patients (41.0%) reported a history of psoriatic arthritis, and a high proportion of patients (49.5%) with cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension [35.2%], hyperlipidemia [27.7%], diabetes mellitus [11.4%], coronary heart disease [4.9%], and obesity [15.2%]) were observed. Most of the patients had been previously treated with phototherapy (85.4%), acitretin (74.0%), methotrexate (65.7%), or cyclosporine (53.1%).


BIOREP is one of the first registries of patients with psoriasis treated with biologics in Central and Eastern Europe. Our results found a similar or higher prevalence of comorbidities, long disease duration, and high impact on the quality of life among patients included in Western European registries.

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