Implant Anchorage in the Nasopalatine Canal for the Rehabilitation of Severely Atrophic Maxilla

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This study aimed to describe the clinical case of implant placement in the nasopalatine canal as an aid for atrophic maxilla rehabilitation.

Case Report:

The surgical procedure was carried out in 2 stages, the first part consisted of a surgery to lift the maxillary sinus membrane associated with the xenogeneic bone placement and the second part consisted of the surgery for the implants placement, both under local anesthesia. A number of seven osseointegrated implants were placed in the maxilla, one was anchored in the nasopalatine canal region after having its neurovascular content emptied by means of the use of drill threads of the implant system. After 5 months, the implant reopening was carried out, followed by the molding, manufacturing and placement of the protocol-type prosthesis. The case has a 4-year follow-up without any painful symptomatology.


The implant placed in the nasopalatine canal region is a viable option to assist in the rehabilitation with implant-supported prostheses in atrophic maxilla.

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