Prosthodontic treatment of a retrognathic edentulous maxilla demonstrating limited interarch distance: 3.5-year results with fixed and removable implant prostheses

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The prosthodontic treatment of patients with a retrognathic edentulous maxilla should consider the restoration of the lower facial profile and access for oral hygiene. This clinical report describes prosthodontic treatments of a patient with edentulism who presented with repeated fractures of the denture teeth of a maxillary implant-supported complete fixed dental prosthesis (ICFDP) and a mandibular implant-supported overdenture. Considerable plaque accumulation was noted on the ICFDP, which was replaced with an open palatal design implant-supported overdenture. However, the patient experienced difficulty managing the 2 removable prostheses. The patient's mandible was eventually restored with a milled titanium alloy framework ICFDP with metal occlusal surfaces. This combined approach of fixed and removable prostheses was stable at 3.5-year follow-up appointment, without compromising the patient's oral hygiene or comfort.

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