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TWO IMPORTANT things are addressed in this issue. First, this is a special issue of Health Physics that contains a selection of papers that were presented at the 61st Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society in Spokane, WA, in July 2016. These papers cover a wide range of topics and represent the work of many individuals in a variety of areas in radiation protection. We’re proud to be able to present this work from our members, and we hope to make this an annual special issue. Many thanks to all those who participated in this inaugural effort!
Second, as we write this, the country is in a state of transition from one administration to another. By the time this is published, that transition may be complete. Here at the home of the Health Physics Journal (HPJ) and Operational Radiation Safety (ORS), we’re undergoing a different type of transition. You will see the effects in the issue before you.
The Readers’ Survey that we conducted at the Annual Meeting in Spokane, WA, in July 2016 revealed that the majority of readers would prefer that ORS and HPJ be merged into one publication. Readers also stated that the time between acceptance and publication of a paper, especially in ORS, is too long. Also, frequent readers have undoubtedly noted that, over the past few years, ORS has gotten thinner and thinner. It’s hard to discern the reasons behind the decline, but the smaller number of submissions makes it difficult to consistently produce a quality journal on a quarterly basis.
So, after much deliberation, we’ve decided to move ORS back within the covers of HPJ. This will mean that when ORS content is ready to be published, it won’t be held until the next quarterly issue but will be published in the next available monthly issue of HPJ. Time from submission to publication may be improved as a result. ORS will be set aside inside HPJ as a separate section, and page numbers will identify the ORS content as being part of HPJ. There is no change in the submission process, and the published appearance of ORS will continue to be distinctly different from HPJ. This will make the content of the two journals more readily available to the readership.
We encourage you to submit your papers and indicate your preference of the publication in which you would like your work to appear. The editorial staff will continue to work with you regarding these and any additional issues regarding your manuscripts. You, the readers, have interesting things going on at your universities, hospitals, laboratories, consulting firms, or other related organizations, and we hope to provide you with a path for sharing your work with the rest of the health physics community.
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