Torsed and Nontorsed Inguinal Undescended Testis: Comparison of Computed Tomography Findings

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The aim of this study was to compare the computed tomography imaging features of a torsed inguinal testis with nontorsed inguinal testes.


Computed tomography scans of patients with undescended testes were retrospectively collected (2011–2016). Imaging features of nontorsed undescended testis were compared with a case of an inguinal torsed testis. Observations included location of the undescended testis, size (length × width) and texture of each testis, peritesticular findings, position of testicular vessels, and enhancement patterns.


Twelve nontorsed inguinal undescended testes were compared with 1 torsed undescended testicle. Torsed testis was larger than nontorsed (44 × 27 mm vs 32.9 ± 6.1 × 22.9 ± 4.9 mm), surrounded by fat stranding and fluid, with heterogeneous texture, enhancement of its outer layers, and an upward kink of its vessels.


Because torsed undescended testis can mimic a groin abscess and because torsion is a medical emergency, radiologists should be aware of this entity and its distinguishing imaging features. Color Doppler examination can ascertain absence/reduction of blood flow.

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