Diet phytochemicals and cutaneous carcinoma chemoprevention: A review

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Cutaneous carcinoma, which has occupied a peculiar place among worldwide populations, is commonly responsible for the considerably increasing morbidity and mortality rates. Currently available medical procedures fail to completely avoid cutaneous carcinoma development or to prevent mortality. Cancer chemoprevention, as an alternative strategy, is being considered to reduce the incidence and burden of cancers through chemical agents. Derived from dietary foods, phytochemicals have become safe and reliable compounds for the chemoprevention of cutaneous carcinoma by relieving multiple pathological processes, including oxidative damage, epigenetic alteration, chronic inflammation, angiogenesis, etc. In this review, we presented comprehensive knowledges, main molecular mechanisms for the initiation and development of cutaneous carcinoma as well as effects of various diet phytochemicals on chemoprevention.

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