CORRInsights®: Freezing Nitrogen Ethanol Composite May be a Viable Approach for Cryotherapy of Human Giant Cell Tumor of Bone

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The goal of cancer care is to target the neoplasm and spare uninvolved tissues. We exploit the differential effect of our various therapies on tissues to achieve better local and systemic control of tumors. Despite progress in our ability to ablate tumors and preserve functional anatomy, diseases still relapse locally and our therapies cause collateral damage, compromising patient function. Adjuvant therapies promise to improve tumor control and minimize damage to uninvolved tissue. For that reason alone, oncologic surgeons and patients need adjuvants.
Cryotherapy remains controversial despite more than 50 years of clinical advocacy and application in orthopaedics. This adjuvant exploits both mechanical and biologic mechanisms. Practitioners have a poor understanding of how it actually works and how to best apply it. Since cryotherapy may cause both beneficial and detrimental effects, many surgeons are leery about its use.
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