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We thank Dr Adji and Professor O’Rourke for their correspondence [1]. Our systematic review and meta-analysis [2] aimed to evaluate all published data on the accuracy of all commercial devices for noninvasive measurement of central blood pressure (cBP) by comparison with invasively measured aortic blood pressure (BP). The design, methodology, and analysis of this work were not in any way focused on requirements of the regulatory bodies that approve commercialization of cBP devices. Thus, we are perplexed with the claim that this meta-analysis contrasts with views of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [1], nor do the findings provide a particular view by European clinicians as we were an international and multidisciplinary team with more than half the authors being nonclinicians with expertise among a variety of disciplines, including biomedical engineering, applied mathematics, biostatistics, physiology, biophysics, and epidemiology.

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