Drug Recognition Evaluation and Chemical Confirmation of a 25C-NBOMe-Impaired Driver

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This case report details an individual arrested for drug-impaired driving after leaving the scene of multiple motor vehicle collisions and evading police. The driver was examined by a drug recognition expert and failed the drug recognition evaluation. The driver admitted to using cocaine, marijuana, an antidepressant medication and “N-bomb,” a novel psychoactive substance that possesses hallucinogenic properties. Toxicological analyses at the Centre of Forensic Sciences’ Toronto laboratory revealed only the substance 2-[4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl]-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine (25C-NBOMe) in the accused's urine. This is the first report in which 25C-NBOMe was identified through DRE and toxicological analyses in a drug-impaired driver.

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