Multidisciplinary training activities for decreasing preanalytical mistakes in samples from primary care

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The presence of preanalytical mistakes (PM) in samples from primary care centres (PCC) is a widely studied topic. Different correcting strategies have been proposed, with variable success. We planned a series of multidisciplinary sessions for clinical update, with the aim to decrease PM rates in samples from PCC.


The incidence of PM in samples from PCC processed at the laboratories of University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria (LAB1) and University Hospital Juan Ramon Jimenez (LAB2) was assessed during two time periods (October to November 2013 and January to May 2014). Clinical update sessions were conducted between periods (2014). Differences in PM rates between observation periods were evaluated.


With respect to 2014, we observed a significant reduction of PM rates in blood samples processed at LAB1 during 2015, whereas those in LAB2 were slightly increased. The most common PMs were haemolysed sample at LAB1 and missed sample at LAB2.


Although the presence of PM remains slightly high, there was a significant reduction after the clinical update sessions in LAB1, where the most frequent PM was haemolysed sample. In contrast, the PM rates were slightly increased at LAB2, and the main source was missed sample. This might be explained, at least in part, by different problems associated with sample transportation, and by the delay in transferring acquired knowledge into clinical practice. Implementation of regular programme of update sessions and improvements in sample transportation might help to reduce the PM presence in our area.

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