To JBJS Reviewers, Authors, and Readers: Thank You!

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The mission of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery—as printed on the cover of every issue and posted on our website—is “excellence through peer review.” We at JBJS are confident that we have the most conscientious and skilled reviewers and editors of any surgical journal in the world. Thus, we wish to express our gratitude to all of our reviewers, whose willingness to spend precious time critiquing the work of colleagues is the foundation of the process. We also wish to announce, and offer our special thanks to, our first “class” of elite reviewers: those who almost always agree to conduct a review when asked, who perform a minimum of 4 reviews per year, and whose reviews are in the top 10% of our grading scale. We are proud to provide an honor roll of these elite reviewers on the Editorial Board page of each issue of JBJS and on the “JBJS Elite Reviewers Program” page of our website. Evaluating reviewers for this program is an ongoing process, and we will be refreshing the list twice a year.
We also express our appreciation to our authors, who entrust their best work to our peer-review processes. We hope that they will continue to find this process valuable—not only when their paper is among the 17% of submissions that we accept for publication but also as an opportunity to strengthen their work, based on our reviewers’ input, for publication elsewhere. We have worked hard to decrease the time from submission to publication by 4 months in the past 2 years and will continue our efforts to make it as easy as possible for our reviewers and editors to respond as quickly as possible while maintaining our high standards.
I personally want to thank the JBJS staff, whose work and standard setting for quality and accuracy have continued to improve over the 128 years of our journal’s history.
Finally, we are grateful to those who read JBJS, search our archives, listen to our podcasts, follow us on social media, and participate in our CME activities. Below, we provide for your review a table (Table I) listing statistics on those and other activities in the past year, and we will continue to do this on an annual basis.
Our goal is to provide the community of musculoskeletal caregivers with the best information available to share with their patients in making treatment decisions. Again, thanks to our reviewers, authors, and readers for allowing us to accomplish that goal.
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