Hypofractionated radiotherapy in older patients with non-melanoma skin cancer: Less is better.

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Radiotherapy is a non-surgical option for patients with non-melanoma skin cancer. Lesions in middle-aged to older patients with good performance status are typically prescribed 4-5 weeks of outpatient weekday treatment. Daily radiotherapy fraction sizes of 2-3 Gy are recommended to decrease the late cutaneous consequences such as in-field hypopigmentation and telangiectasia. In elderly, often unwell patients, these concerns are less of an issue and larger fraction sizes (5-7 Gy), referred to as hypofractionation, can be delivered over a shorter time yet still achieve excellent in-field control and improve a patient's quality of life and avoid the need for surgery. The three case studies presented illustrate this approach along with a review of the evidence to support this.

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