Difference in evening home blood pressure between before dinner and at bedtime in Japanese elderly hypertensive patients.

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The authors evaluated the differences between evening home blood pressure (HBP) readings taken before dinner and those taken at bedtime, which were documented in a European and a Japanese guideline, respectively. Forty-eight patients (mean age, 76.4 years) measured their evening HBP twice each day (two measurements both before dinner and at bedtime) for 14 days. The authors defined the at-bedtime (B) minus the before-dinner (D) systolic HBP as the B-D difference. The mean B-D difference was -8.7 mm Hg (P<.001). The depressor effect of bathing was significantly prolonged for 120 minutes. The B-D difference with alcohol consumption was significantly greater than that without alcohol. In the linear mixed model analysis, time after bathing ≤120 minutes and alcohol consumption were significantly associated with the B-D difference after adjustment with covariates. There was a marked difference between evening HBP values. When patients' evening HBP is measured according to the guidelines, their daily activities should be considered.

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