Comparison of the effects of Ham'sF10 and αMEM in combination with FBS or BSA in vitrification/warming solution on quality and viability of sheep ovarian follicles

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the two types of media, namely minimum essential medium (αMEM) and Ham'sF10, supplemented with foetal bovine serum (FBS) or bovine serum albumin (BSA) in vitrification/warming solution on the quality and viability of sheep ovarian follicles. Vitrification method was applied for cryopreservation of sheep ovarian cortex using Ham'sF10 and αMEM supplemented with either BSA or FBS. There were five groups: Fresh, Ham'sF10+ BSA, Ham'sF10+ FBS, αMEM + BSA and αMEM + FBS. Samples were cultured for two weeks after warming. Viability and morphology of follicles and DNA fragmentation in follicles and in tissue stroma cells were analysed before vitrification/warming and following one and two weeks of culture. The Ham'sF10+ FBS and Ham'sF10+ BSA groups showed a significant decrease in follicular viability after one week of culture (p < .05 vs. Fresh). Following two weeks of culture, all groups revealed a considerable fall in the number of viable follicles (p < .05 vs. Fresh). There was an increase in DNA fragmentation of connective tissue cells but not in the follicles (p < .05). Our results showed the better application of αMEM supplemented with BSA as a vitrification solution in improvement of cryopreservation effects and maintenance of follicular survival.

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