Actinomyces israeliiin radicular cysts: a molecular study

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To investigate whether the microscopic filamentous aggregates observed in radicular cysts are associated with the molecular identification of Actinomyces israelii. Moreover, to verify whether this bacterium can be detected in radicular cyst specimens not presenting aggregates.

Study Design.

Microscopic colonies suggestive of Actinomyces were found in 8 out of 279 radicular cyst samples (case group). The case and control groups (n = 12; samples without filamentous colonies) were submitted to the semi-nested polymerase chain reaction to test the presence of A israelii. DNA sequencing was performed to validate polymerase chain reaction results.


Two and 3 samples in the case and control groups, respectively, did not present a functional genomic DNA template and were excluded from the study. A israelii was identified in all samples of the case group and in 3 out of 9 samples of the control group.


Although A israelii is more commonly identified in radicular cysts presenting filamentous aggregates, it also appears to be detected in radicular cysts without this microscopic finding.

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