Continuous Epidural Analgesia Using an Ester-Linked Local Anesthetic Agent, 2-Chloroprocaine, During Labor: A Case Report

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We report the use of the ester-linked local anesthetic, 2-chloroprocaine, for continuous epidural analgesia in a patient in labor with a history of allergic reaction to amide local anesthetics. The patient gave a reliable history of pruritus, hives, erythema, and swelling on her lower extremity after having received a preservative-free amide local anesthetic. This allergy had been confirmed by a dermatologist by her reports. The patient requested an epidural for labor analgesia that was placed successfully. After an initial bolus, a continuous infusion of 1.5% of 2-chloroprocaine was initiated to achieve satisfactory pain relief throughout an uneventful vaginal delivery.

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