Self-Administered Premedication: Improving taxane chemotherapy treatment

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Patients receiving taxane therapy are at risk for hypersensitivity reactions without appropriate premedication management. Patients must understand the importance of taking premedications as prescribed to prevent reactions.


The objectives of this study were to implement and evaluate a multidisciplinary practice protocol comprised of standardized nursing documentation of premedication regimens, teaching, and patient adherence to at-home premedication in an electronic health record (EHR).


A new process was developed to provide standardized prescriptions, a personalized instruction sheet for patients and families, and a standardized approach to document adherence and teaching in the EHR. Pre- and post-EHR audits were used twice to evaluate the practice changes.


The findings of the first audit suggested improvement in all practice changes. After the first audit, reinforcement of the changes occurred within the group and with one-on-one meetings. The goal of 90% adherence was met at the second audit.

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