Hazardous Drugs and USP <800>: Implications for nurses

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Although guidelines for the safe handling of hazardous drugs (HDs) have existed for several decades, they have not been enforceable by state or federal agencies. USP <800>, the latest chapter issued by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, expands on existing guidelines and provides detailed information on compounding and administration. Unlike current guidelines, USP <800> will be enforced by each state's board of pharmacy or their delegated agency.


This article provides a brief overview of the dangers associated with HDs and the implications of USP <800> for nurses.


An overview of nursing-specific requirements from USP <800> are presented, as well as information about closed-system transfer devices, which are required under USP <800> guidelines.


Although some organizations may already be fully compliant with USP <800>, others will need to make significant changes.

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