Corrigendum: The effect of an abuse‐deterrent opioid formulation (OxyContin) on opioid abuse‐related outcomes in the postmarketing setting

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PM Coplan, HD Chilcoat, SF Butler, EM Sellers, A Kadakia, V Harikrishnan, JD Haddox and RC Dart
Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. 100, 275–286 (2016); doi:10.1002/cpt.390
In line 16 of the right column on page 276, the sentence “These trend analyses used prescription‐adjusted rates.” should read “These trend analyses used both population‐adjusted (Figure 3) and prescription‐adjusted rates.”
The last sentence on page 276 should read: “Absolute rates of opioid use disorder diagnoses were lower for OC after its reformulation than that for comparator opioids: 3.16 per 100 person‐years of opioid use in people prescribed OC, compared to 3.48 for ER morphine, 6.31 for ER oxymorphone, 6.02 for IR single entity oxycodone, and 5.19 per 100 person‐years for IR hydromorphone during the intervention period.”
In Table 2, on page 283, the superscript “a” should be removed from the subhead “% Changea (95%CI)” appearing in columns three and six. In that same table, the superscript "b" should be removed from the subhead “Outcome measureb” appearing in column 2.
In line 21 of the left column on page 284, the sentence should read “… increased 25% for ER morphine,…”.
The authors regret these errors due to manuscript version updates.
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