Re-Thinking ‘The Different Perspectives That can be Used When Eliciting Preferences in Health’

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The 2003 Health Economics paper by Dolan, Olsen, Menzel and Richardson on ‘An inquiry into the different perspectives that can be used when eliciting preferences in health’ presents a conceptual framework of six perspectives along two dimensions: preferences (personal, social, and socially inclusive personal) and context (ex ante and ex post). The objective of our paper is to re-think this framework. We ask four questions concerning: the patient, or the user of the treatment; the payer of the treatment; the assessor of the value of treatment; and the timing of the illness and the nature of its risk. These questions refine the preference and context dimensions, and lead to the identification of perspectives not classified by the original framework. We propose an extended framework with five preferences (personal, non-use, proxy, social, and socially inclusive personal) and five contexts (one of which is ex post and four ex ante): since two of these cells are empty, this results in 23 possible perspectives. Online Supplementary Information presents 11 of these more formally to clearly distinguish between them and uses monetary and non-monetary (time trade-off) valuation tasks as examples. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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