Suicidal Ideation and Psychological Strain Among Patients Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer: The Mediation of Psychopathological Factors

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Patients with stomach cancer are at high risk to experience suicidal ideation. Strain theory of suicide assumes that suicide is preceded by psychological strain. Despite wide international acceptance of the theory, its use with a sample of patients with stomach cancer has not previously been reported. The aims were to examine the relationship between psychological strain and suicidal ideation among patients with stomach cancer and to determine whether psychopathological factors act as mediators. A cross-sectional study was undertaken involving subjects with no history of mental disorder, and questionnaires were administered by face-to-face interview. Patients who experienced more psychological strain, especially coping strain, are more likely to experience suicidal ideation. The mediation effects of hopelessness and psychological distress are significant. Psychological strain, hopelessness, and psychological distress may be the vital factors among patients with stomach cancer in the suicide-risk assessment interview and for care planning and psychological intervention.

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