Intradural Intramedullary Cervicothoracic Tumor With Long-Segmental Localization: A Case Report With Step-by-Step Surgical Treatment Strategy With Neuromonitorization

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Ependymomas are the most common gliomas of the conus and lower cord, with the cervical cord being the second most common location. These tumors can extend upward 3–4 vertebra, and some ependymomas can extend up over 15 segments. Depending on many factors, such as tumor size, lateralization, kyphotic deformity, and lordosis state, there are several posterior surgical options, including laminectomy, laminectomy and lateral mass screw-plate, and laminoplasty. In this study, we discuss a case of intradural intramedullary cervicothoracic ependymoma with long-segmental localization, as well as the general surgical principles of its excision with step-by-step demonstrative figures.

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