Are noncompete agreements generally enforceable in nursing?

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I'M HEARING from some corners of the nursing universe that for-profit healthcare corporations are requiring professional service delivery employees, including RNs, to sign noncompete agreements as part of their overall employment contract. For example, “Jeff” is an RN who wants to accept a travel assignment at a hospital that he's been considering for permanent employment. His employer, the travel agency, asks him to sign a noncompete agreement that would prevent him from taking a position with this hospital for 6 months after his travel assignment ends. Is this agreement enforceable?
Noncompete agreements are intended to prevent employees like Jeff from resigning to work for a competing organization. If you're asked to execute such an agreement, what should you look for and what should you know? Good question. This article will explore the basics of this employment law specialty.
The noncompete clause or agreement in an employment contract is a restrictive covenant (agreement) banning the employee from engaging alternative current or future employment that directly competes with his or her current employer's business interests.
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