Three-dimensional printing and computer navigation assisted hemipelvectomy for en bloc resection of osteochondroma: A case report

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Three-dimensional (3D) printed templates can be designed to match an individual's anatomy, allowing surgeons to refine preoperative planning. In addition, the use of computer navigation (NAV) is gaining popularity to improve surgical accuracy in the resection of pelvic tumors. However, its use in combination with 3D printing to assist complex pelvic tumor resection has not been reported.

Patient concerns:

A 36-year-old man presented with left-sided pelvic pain and a fast-growing mass. He also complained of a 3-month history of radiating pain and numbness in the lower left extremity.


A biopsy revealed an osteochondroma with malignant potential. This osteochondroma arises from the ilium and involves the sacrum and lower lumbar vertebrae.


Here, we describe a novel combined application of 3D printing and intraoperative NAV systems to guide hemipelvectomy for en-bloc resection of the osteochondroma. The 3D printed template is analyzed during surgical planning and guides the initial intraoperative bone work to improve surgical accuracy and efficiency, while a computer NAV system provides real-time imaging during the tumor removal to achieve adequate resection margins and minimize the likelihood of injury to adjacent critical structures.


The tumor mass and the invaded spinal structures were removed en bloc.


The combined application of 3D printing and computer NAV may be useful for tumor targeting and safe osteotomies in pelvic tumor surgery.

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