Prehospital blood transfusion programs: Capabilities and lessons learned

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Every year since 2011near the summer solstice, the Trauma and Hemostasis Oxygenation Research (THOR) network has met in Bergen, Norway. THOR was created to faciliate collaboration among an international community of experts in hemorrage resusctiation including transfusion medicine, military medicine, and trauma surgery. The 2016 meeting provided further oppurtunities to discuss topics pertinent to remote damage control resuscitation (RDCR) includuing the Norwegian Military experience with freeze dried plasma (FDP) and whole blood resuscitation, extreme RDCR situations on oceanic cruises, and the most current updates on remote blood product resuscitation techniques at Mayo Clinic, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Israeli Military. We would like to take this oppurtunity to disseminate the lessons learned from this meeting. Of note, the blood prodcut capabilities of the each of these contributing institutions are outlined in Table 1.
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