Pediatric pulmonary medicine, then and next

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There is a paradox implicit in the content of virtually all updates and review articles that appear in the medical literature. The four pieces included in this edition of the Current Opinion in Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology are no exception. The paradox is embedded within the very notion of providing current information that is only the very best approximation of the path medicine traveled to arrive at current practices. Medicine, thankfully, is evolving, albeit generally in fits and starts, sometimes with the benefit of Level I evidence, but more often only with the guidance of less optimal evidence. Thus, the degree to which any review article or current concept article can capture the present moment, irrespective of the diligence and rigor of the authors, is intrinsically limited. An effective piece can, if well done, motivate the rationale for current practice, while pointing the way, or perhaps even informing, the future direction of the field.
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