Management of pediatric head injury: a survey of EuSEM pediatric emergency section

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Head injuries are one of the most common reasons for children to visit the Emergency Department (ED). The great majority (>95%) sustain a minor head injury (MHI), defined as Glasgow Coma Scale score of at least 14. Although a large body of literature has been published in recent years to guide the acute management of pediatric MHI, some evidence is not definitive, whereas others are not univocal 1. This, alongside existing challenges to knowledge implementation and setting-specific limitations, can lead to variations in practice. Understanding variations in practice is important to highlight areas for improvement with respect to patient outcome, resource utilization, as well as to direct future research. We set out to explore the variability in the management of pediatric MHI among European physicians participating in the EuSEM 2015 conference session on ‘Scenario-based guidelines in Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM)’ and the members of the EuSEM PEM section.
We conducted a cross-sectional scenario-guided survey, developed following focus group discussions during the above conference session. Subsequently, an electronic version was sent to eligible physicians.
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