The identification, characterization, and function of two TREMs genes in Chinese Yangzhou goose (Anas cygnoides)

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Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (TREM) is a cell-surface receptor primarily expressed on macrophages. Here, two novel TREM genes, AcTREM1 and AcTREM2, were identified from Anas cygnoides. AcTREM1 cDNA contained a putative signal peptide, two IG domains, and a transmembrane domain. The deduced AcTREM2 sequence also contained a signal peptide, an IG domain, and a transmembrane domain. qRT-PCR, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and immunofluorescence experiments showed that AcTREM1 and AcTREM2 were mainly expressed in the liver and spleen, and both genes and proteins were mainly distributed in cytoplasm. AcTREM1 expression in the liver and spleen was significantly upregulated following lipopolysaccharide (LPS) challenge at an early stage of infection and then decreased at a later stage. Changes in AcTREM2 expression were reciprocal to those of AcTREM1 in the liver and spleen after LPS challenge. Our results indicate that AcTREM1 and AcTREM2 participate in the antibacterial immunity of A. cygnoides.

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