Genome-Wide Association Study Meta-Analysis of Long-Term Average Blood Pressure in East Asians

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Genome-wide single marker and gene-based meta-analyses of long-term average (LTA) blood pressure (BP) phenotypes may reveal novel findings for BP.

Methods and Results—

We conducted genome-wide analysis among 18 422 East Asian participants (stage 1) followed by replication study of ≤46 629 participants of European ancestry (stage 2). Significant single-nucleotide polymorphisms and genes were determined by a P<5.0×10−8 and 2.5×10−6, respectively, in joint analyses of stage-1 and stage-2 data. We identified 1 novel ARL3 variant, rs4919669 at 10q24.32, influencing LTA systolic BP (stage-1 P=5.03×10−8, stage-2 P=8.64×10−3, joint P=2.63×10−8) and mean arterial pressure (stage-1 P=3.59×10−9, stage-2 P=2.35×10−2, joint P=2.64×10−8). Three previously reported BP loci (WBP1L, NT5C2, and ATP2B1) were also identified for all BP phenotypes. Gene-based analysis provided the first robust evidence for association of KCNJ11 with LTA systolic BP (stage-1 P=8.55×10−6, stage-2 P=1.62×10−5, joint P=3.28×10−9) and mean arterial pressure (stage-1 P=9.19×10−7, stage-2 P=9.69×10−5, joint P=2.15×10−9) phenotypes. Fourteen genes (TMEM180, ACTR1A, SUFU, ARL3, SFXN2, WBP1L, CYP17A1, C10orf32, C10orf32-ASMT, AS3MT, CNNM2, and NT5C2 at 10q24.32; ATP2B1 at 12q21.33; and NCR3LG1 at 11p15.1) implicated by previous genome-wide association study meta-analyses were also identified. Among the loci identified by the previous genome-wide association study meta-analysis of LTA BP, we transethnically replicated associations of the KCNK3 marker rs1275988 at 2p23.3 with LTA systolic BP and mean arterial pressure phenotypes (P=1.27×10−4 and 3.30×10−4, respectively).


We identified 1 novel variant and 1 novel gene and present the first direct evidence of relevance of the KCNK3 locus for LTA BP among East Asians.

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