In Reply to Ma et al

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Thank you for the opportunity to reply to Ma and colleagues’ letter regarding our article.1 We agree with Ma and colleagues that context-specific knowledge, as well as context-specific skill and attitude (using the analytic framework), are key aspects of ecological psychology. Indeed, the dyadic relationship of affordance and effectivities embodies the essence of threshold concepts which challenge and underlie ways of knowing and thinking within a particular disciplinary or applied context.2 The affordances and effectivities of ecological psychology demonstrate how the individual recognizes and responds to challenging and underlying ways of knowing and thinking within a particular situation (or context). We believe that ecological psychology builds on threshold concepts by describing, mechanistically, what happens when one faces situational challenges where such threshold concepts apply. This is illustrated well by Ma and colleagues’ peripheral blood film example in their letter. We too believe that additional work in this area is needed, as outlined by Ma and colleagues.
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