Johns Hopkins Psychiatry at 100 Years

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The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, although founded in Chicago, centered itself in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1950s, and since then, all its editors in chief have been faculty members and often chairs of Baltimore institutions' departments of psychiatry: Jacob E. Finesinger 1958–1959, Lawrence S. Kubie 1961–1967, and Eugene B. Brody 1967–2010.
One of our greatest institutions and finest departments of psychiatry is Johns Hopkins. It has a glorious history and a marvelous portfolio of research and innovative thinking as well as patient care and advocacy.
In this issue, its current chair Raymond DePaulo has put together a mosaic of articles, including one by his predecessor, Paul McHugh, that gives the reader an idea of what one department, in one institution, in one city, can accomplish.
In future issues, we will be featuring other innovative institutions, but for now, enjoy Johns Hopkins.
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