Hittability: The Leader’s Edge

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Mastery of any discipline entails both the requisite skills and the ability to see things as “hittable.” However, the concept of “hittability,” which, in the context of leadership, refers to whether or not a specific leadership challenge shows up as hittable (or solvable) for those who are responsible for taking it on, is consistently overlooked. Nevertheless, it is a critical determinant of leadership effectiveness. Hittability is a function of the framing lenses—a person’s beliefs, values, and worldviews—which frame the way a person “sees” a leadership challenge. Additionally, the future a person is “living into” is the framing lens for the present. In other words, a person’s view of the future shapes his or her view of the present and his or her actions within it. Because the beliefs, values, and worldviews that constitute our framing lenses are constituted in and accessible through language (i.e., in the day-to-day stories, or narratives, a person tells him- or herself), reframing them to create a new future requires a new narrative. The ability to shift the previously unhittable to the hittable won’t be, primarily, due to some newly acquired knowledge. Rather, it will be the result of reframing our challenges so they show up as hittable.

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