Predictors of Relapse after Discontinuing Systemic Treatment in Childhood Autoimmune Chronic Uveitis.

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To identify clinical predictors of relapse in childhood autoimmune chronic uveitis after stopping systemic treatment.


A retrospective, multicenter, cohort study.


Ninety-four children in remission, receiving no treatments and with at least a 6-month followup, were enrolled. A higher probability of maintaining remission after discontinuing treatment was shown in idiopathic compared with juvenile idiopathic arthritis uveitis (Mantel-Cox chi-square = 23.21) if inactivity had been obtained within 6 months from starting systemic treatment (Mantel-Cox chi-square = 24.17) and by antitumor necrosis factor-α treatment (Mantel-Cox chi-square = 6.43).


Type of disease, time, and type of systemic therapy to achieve inactivity predict different duration of uveitis remission after treatment withdrawal.

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