Trial of labor after cesarean delivery for pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus.

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To assess rates of, and factors associated with, trial of labor and vaginal delivery among pregnancies complicated by both gestational diabetes (GDM) and a previous cesarean delivery.


In a retrospective study of singleton deliveries at a university hospital in Israel between 2009 and 2015, women with one previous cesarean delivery and GDM were matched to those without GDM by past cesarean delivery indication: non-favorable (non-progressive labor or failed induction) or favorable (all other indications). Computerized files were reviewed, and maternal, obstetric, and neonatal outcomes were compared.


In total, 109 women with GDM were matched to 109 control women. Trial of labor was attempted by 55 (50.5%) women in the control group and 11 (10.1%) in the GDM group (P<0.001). Overall, 42 (38.5%) control women and 5 (4.6%) women with GDM delivered vaginally (P<0.001). Multivariable logistic regression identified lack of GDM as the most significant factor associated with trial of vaginal delivery, followed by a prior vaginal delivery. Among women attempting a trial of labor, past vaginal delivery, but not GDM status, was associated with successful vaginal delivery.


GDM significantly diminished the likelihood of a trial of vaginal delivery after cesarean delivery and its subsequent success.

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