Sleep Duration and C-Reactive Protein in US Adults

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To use gender-stratified logistic regression analysis to examine the associations between elevated C-reactive protein (CRP; >3–10 mg/L) and sleep duration.


The study sample included male (n = 5033) and female (n = 4917) adult (20 years old and older) participants in the 2007–2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Sleep duration was categorized as short (≤6 hours/day), adequate (7–8 hours/day), or long (≥9 hours/day). Logistic regression models were adjusted for age, race, smoking status, physical activity, and waist circumference.


Analysis revealed significantly (P = 0.0151) higher odds of elevated CRP in men reporting ≤6 hours/day of sleep (odds ratio 1.26, 95% confidence interval 1.05–1.52) when compared with a referent group of men reporting 7 to 8 hours/day of sleep. Similar associations were not revealed in women.


Short sleep duration was significantly associated with elevated serum CRP concentration independent of waist circumference and moderate physical activity in men but not in women.

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