The Nurse Educator Institute: An Innovative Strategy to Develop Nursing Faculty

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Hiring and retaining qualified nursing faculty remain a significant challenge; the current faculty shortage only intensifies the situation. To meet the demand for quality nurse educators, many nursing education programs are hiring actively working staff nurses to assist in the clinical education of nursing students. These part-time clinical instructors have become an integral part of the nursing education team.1 This collaborative relationship allows these nurses to continue to work at the bedside while providing them opportunities to hone their skills as nurse educators.2
One of the challenges many part-time clinical instructors face is a lack of formal education in the principles and practices of adult education. Rather, they are hired and may be mentored by more seasoned educators. This approach, however, may lead to many issues: frustration, varying levels of program commitment with a part-time role, inconsistent application of program policies, and difficulty evaluating student performance.
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