Genetic basis of dentigerous cysts associated with supernumerary teeth: A narrative review

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In the present study, we sought to: (a) analyze the p53 gene status in dentigerous cysts (DC) associated with supernumerary teeth (ST) in a pair of siblings with ST, of whom one developed a DC; and (b) conduct a narrative review of the literature on ST associated with DC. Blood samples were obtained, and the isolated DNA was used to amplify exons 4–8 of the p53 gene using specific primers, and subsequently sequenced. No mutations were identified in the coding regions of the p53 gene. A review of the literature revealed a prevalence of DC associated with ST to be as high as 13.6%, and that 83% of the case reports performed enucleation of DC and removal of ST. Dentigerous cysts associated with ST in one sibling demonstrated that variations in phenotypes exist, and the absence of mutations cannot eliminate the potential influence of genetic risk factors.

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