Dorsal Augmentation using Alloplastic Implants

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Dorsal augmentation is an essential procedure not only for Asians, who generally have indistinct and poorly developed nasal bridges, but also for Africans and Caucasians, who have similar dorsal deficiencies. There is no single ideal implant or graft for dorsal augmentation. Dorsal augmentation with autologous materials is considered ideal by many surgeons. However, harvesting autologous material is associated with donor-site complications, and these materials are difficult to handle and shape. Despite concerns over complications such as infection, extrusion, and deviation, alloplastic implant materials such as silicone or Gore-Tex have a critically important role in typical cosmetic dorsal augmentation due to their ease of use in producing a cosmetically appealing outcome and evading donor-site complications. A thorough understanding of the shape of an aesthetically pleasing nose, appropriate surgical technique, and proper management methods for complications are the mainstay for the success of dorsal augmentation using alloplastic implants.

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