Psychometric Testing of the Life Changes in Epilepsy Scale

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Three aims were addressed: (a) Evaluate properties of the items comprising the Life Changes in Epilepsy Scale-Pilot (LCES-P), (b) use item analysis to optimize the scale, (c) evaluate construct and criterion-related validity of the optimized LCES.


The LCES-P was administered to 174 adults with epilepsy. Item analysis and exploratory factor analysis were performed. Internal consistency reliability, construct validity, and criterion-related validity were evaluated.


17 items were retained in the optimized LCES. Internal consistency reliability was supported. Path analysis was used to evaluate construct validity. Criterion-related validity was supported by correlations with the Medical Outcomes SF-36 Survey (SF-36) General Health subscale and a criterion variable.


The optimized version of the LCES can serve as a valuable outcome measure in clinical and research environments.

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